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Alignment with Sustainability charters and Networks

Sustainability is a multi-stakeholder game and collective action is the only effective way to address it challenges. Since inception, we have believed that subscribing to select charters and aligning with the right networks can be a force multiplier for some of our own programs. We continue to be deeply engaged with the networks that we started out with – we provide below the updated summary of our associations and networks.

Charter /Network /Association Brief description Wipro's engagement

Carbon Disclosure Project
TThe Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is a pioneer in climate action by trying to align industry, government and the investment community onto a common vision and platform. It represents the interests of 655 investors with a combined asset base of US $ 78 trillion and illustrates the growing trend of responsible investment. Wipro has been a participant in the Carbon Disclosure Project since 2007-08 and has been a ranked member 1 in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) India for two consecutive years 2012 and 2013. We were also part of the Global CDLI in 2012, the only company from India in the index.

CII-ITC CESD's task force on CSR guidelines
The CII-ITC Center for Sustainable Development (CESD) constituted a task force to study the proposed guidelines on CSR from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). The group has been engaged with the government as the voice of industry and in trying to evolve a balanced perspective of the bill’s provisions Wipro has been a part of the core working group, the primary recommendations of which have been The ministry’s proposed 2% of Profit After Tax spend on CSR should not be mandatory as it certain to become counter-productive To keep the reporting requirement as simple and consistent as possible

CII Environment Committee
The committee constituted of a working group on e-Waste ; the working group’s goal was to bring producers, customers, recyclers and government together to a common platform in order to discuss improvements to the e-Waste Rules 2012 Wipro was also a convener of the working group.

India Green Building Council (IGBC)
The IGBC was formed under the aegis of the CII in 2001 with the goal of ushering in a ‘Green Building’ movement in India. Wipro is one of the executive members of the IGBC panel that evolved the Green Building standards for India.

India's National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC)
The NAPCC comprises eight missions on different aspects of sustainable development and is India's official charter on Climate Change. Wipro has partnered with Cstep in researching and publishing a paper on the roadmap for the National Solar Mission (NSM)

Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)
The ISTE is a nodal group at the national level which furthers the cause of engineering education in the right direction. Please visit for details Wipro's Mission10X is a member of the iSTE

U.N. Global Compact
The ten principles of the UNGC act as both a policy platform and a practical framework for companies that are committed to sustainability Wipro became a formal signatory to the UNGC in September 2008. Our first COP (Communication on Progress) was published in July 2010 and our most recent CoP was published in 2013

CII committee for employment of people with disabilities
The confederation of Indian Industry (CII) constituted a committee to look into issues of employability of people with disabilities into the workforce. Wipro is part of the core committee.

NASSCOM working group on gender inclusion
NASSCOM constituted a working group to explore and communicate best practices on gender inclusion. Wipro is a member of the working group.
Catalyst India Catalyst is a leading nonprofit organization which works on expanding opportunities for women and business. Wipro CEO is chair of Catalyst India Advisory Board.