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Capacity Building and Career Development

In the face of changing client expectations and the advent of rapidly changing technologies, it has become imperative to have a platform that equips the organization with futuristic skills and competencies. Anticipating and defining future needs and developing these competencies in the employees is vital to organizational sustainability. Wipro offers multiple learning & development opportunities to employees at various stages of their career. These are aimed at upskilling, cross-skilling, and reskilling through a number of training programs in technical, domain, soft skills, and leadership aspects. While dedicated teams identify learning needs at an organizational level, employees partake in identifying their individual learning needs through appraisals, feedback surveys, and career tools

Focus Areas

Career development & capability building initiatives at Wipro encompass building awareness on career paths, identifying developmental areas for current & aspired role through a rigorous performance management process, mentorship, and building capability through training & assessments.

Performance Management - One of the key outcomes of the performance management process is employee development. This is enabled through formal feedback discussions as a part of the appraisal process and creation of an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for the employee. The appraisal process includes a robust competency based feedback process as well. For middle and senior management roles, competency based feedback is provided through a 360-degree feedback based on Wipro Leaders’ Qualities (WLQ). At junior management level, feedback is given on role based Behavioral competencies by their managers. Appropriate development plans and interventions are then charted out based on discussion between manager and employee.

In FY 15-16, we moved away from ‘bell curve’ rating fitment, hence giving managers complete ownership to rate their team’s performance, while at the same time being accountable to align individual to unit performance Based on the feedback received from employees through various feedback forums like Employee Perception Survey & open houses, Performance Management System was modified and launched as a pilot in three teams with the appraisal cycle of FY 15-16. The new process is much simpler, faster and it includes a robust developmental element through regular discussions between manager and employees. Also, Agile Performance Management was introduced to a few accounts that follow the agile methodology of working. Apart from G & Os that are defined for each agile role holder, the performance management process includes a 360 degree feedback for the employee including client feedback, where applicable and evaluation against standard team metrics. The above new processes will now be applicable for the entire organisation from current year onwards

A primary outcome of the performance management exercise is succession planning and leadership development. The Talent Review & Planning exercise is conducted at the beginning of the FY and is used to identify short-term, medium-term and long-term successors for critical, senior and executive management roles.

Capability Building through Role Based Assessments and Trainings

Role-based assessments are conducted for key roles (e.g Program Manager, Delivery Manager, Architects) for new hires and role aspirants. These assessments are based on a group of parameters identified for a role holder to successfully perform in the role. These help theorganization, to take data based decisions for role movements and learning & development initiatives. It helps the individuals to prepare Individual development plan/ change roles based on assessment centre output.

We also have TrendNxt covering 60,000 +employees, a skill based learning framework that aims at enhancing employees’ technical knowledge year on year. It follows a credit point approach, wherein credits are earned by undertaking technical certifications and attending technical training.

Our Learning & Development (L & D) team comprises Wipro’s ‘Leadership and People Sciences (LPS)’ team and the ‘Talent Transformation (TT)’ team. These teams assume primary responsibility for driving training & development initiatives across Wipro. While LPS focusses on leadership development, talent analytics, organization culture & change and team effectiveness, the TT team focuses on building technical and behavioral capabilities. A detailed and comprehensive competency framework and engagement with customers enables both teams to gauge the present inventory of skills and design initiatives to bridge the gap towards future needs.

Our infrastructure supports both traditional and ‘new-gen’ ways of learning. While dedicated facilities like learning centers, training labs are used for instructor led classroom sessions, enterprise solutions like 24 x7 access to e-Learning modules, Webex, Video Based learnings, simulation based learning, etc. are being widely adopted, providing convenient and flexible learning environment.