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Contract Employee Engagement

Wipro’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics contains our stated commitment to human rights and through our Supplier Code of Conduct, we also encourage our suppliers to do the same. Our focus on responsible people practices extends across our people value chain, and covers contract employees and retainers, primarily located across our operations in India. Many of them are deployed at our client sites, and a customized Partner Employee Engagement team (PEET) in our Global Infrastructure Service is responsible for building an engaged and motivated contract employee workforce

The PEET team consists of human resource professionals and undertake responsibilities like induction & orientation, performance management, engagement, retention, rewards & recognition, training & career development etc. for contract employees deployed on IT delivery projects. The PEET team drives various initiatives like client-site visits to meet contractor employees to understand needs and concerns, driving programs to build capacity, facilitating conversion of contract employees into retainers or full time employees etc. Quarterly / Half yearly / annual audits are conducted by PRO (Partner Relation Office ) on the empaneled partner to ensure that they comply with the statutory and labor compliance. The PRO (Partner Relation Office) is responsible for vendor selection and management; it ensures compliance of partner agencies to legal and statutory employment norms. Reviews and statutory audit checks were conducted by PRO in 2015-16 to ensure continuity of the process and procedures that are laid down.

In FY 15-16, the PEET team led various initiatives like client-site visits to meet contractor employees to understand needs and concerns & initiated programs to build capability through training programs. Focused initiatives through these programs have led to higher engagement and retention levels. In 2015-16, the partner employees’ engagement across sites was gauged through the site-o-meter, with a coverage of 74%. Site-o-Meter” is an employee engagement pulse check survey to check on the employee satisfaction levels. The areas of concern / improvement have been taken up with action plan and “PEET Matters” - an interlock session was organized for the partner employees with the Representatives from Partner organisation, PEET HR and PRO (Partner Relation Office) for grievance management and addressing people issues.

Our key focus area continues to be to check and implement processes and procedures at regular intervals and in a phased manner based on audit findings, feedback from various forums, open houses, and employee connect programs. In the coming year, we would also focus on continuous up skilling methodologies coupled with technical evaluations and assessments to identify the best technically skilled employees for conversion to core rolls of Wipro

There is a further extended people supply chain, consisting of employees who are in soft service functions such as Housekeeping, Security and so on. For individuals who are in support services, we ensure compliance with human rights by ensuring that the supplier comply with our Supplier Code of business Conduct. However, enhancement on dimensions such as diversity, employee development has remained a challenge due to the transient nature of the workforce who may not work with the same employer for long duration.