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Key Metrics

Key Metric 1: Revenue Generated from Existing Customers

Revenue generated from existing customers / retained accounts is a good indicator of customer satisfaction and retention. Data for the last four reporting periods is given below.

Key Metric 2: Net Promoter Score

Net promoter Score (NPS) measures customers’ engagement with Wipro and is measured on a 10 point scale. The respondents based on their ratings are categorized as ‘promoters’, ‘detractors’ or ‘passives’. This measure is widely used across industries. Our Net Promoter Score shows a continuous improvement trend as it has increased by 420 basis points for 2015-16 as compared to the previous year.

Key Metric 3: Customer Acquisition

The number of new customers acquired by Wipro in 2015-16 increased from 174 to 194 whereas the number of active customers increased from 1054 to 1223.