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Diversity and Inclusion

A diverse workforce is a reflection of a changing world and marketplace. Our client portfolio is diverse in composition in terms of locations, culture, industries and technologies they deploy. In order to address the increasing complexities and intangible problems of such a diverse clientele, it is imperative to cultivate a workforce which can generate a rich mosaic of ideas and practices and enhance innovation. We are committed towards embracing a heterogeneous workforce which brings forth an amalgamation of demographics, culture and thought in order to enhance customer delight. Nurturing diversity and making inclusivity a part of Wipro’s culture has remained a key focus area for the organization and is a strategic enabler to ensure business growth and performance.

Policies, Principles and Commitment

Wipro is committed to being an equal opportunity employer and diversity and inclusion principles are embedded in our organizational values, culture, policies and processes. Our commitment towards non-discrimination and meritocracy is explicit in our COBC and Global Diversity & Inclusion Policy. Executive commitment, an engaged community and its participation is instrumental in shaping a vision that drives action.

The impetus for the D & I charter thus comes from the top, with our chairman, Mr. Azim Premji as the key signatory and the CEO, Executive Vice President Human Resources and the Legal Council forming the D & I Council. As the Chair of the Catalyst India Advisory Board and a member of the Catalyst global Board of Directors, our CEO influences global stakeholdersto promote gender inclusion in the larger society. The CEO also launched and led the evangelization of Tenets which are Wipro’s guiding principles and behaviors critical to organization success.Diversity& Inclusion is evangelized as key behavioral component in the Tenets.This makes D&I a mainstream business driver and a must-have trait, rather than a stand-alone / aspirational initiative. As signatories to UNGC &U.N. Women’s Empowerment Principles, we express our commitment to becoming a responsible business leader & role model.

Management Approach and Governance

We understand that the success of transformational initiatives depends on how much the larger organization believes in the strategy and the strength of the initiative and its success in trickling down to the lowest levels in the organization. With this in mind, our D & I charter and agenda is supported by a framework of systems and processes, awareness and training, collaborative participation and cross-functional project teams. Senior leaders assume leadership of individual diversity pillars. Our collaboration with research partners and industry platforms like CII, NASSCOM, Diversity and Equal Opportunity Centre (DEOC) bring to fore focus areas and industry trends which help in shaping our D & I charter. These focus areas/goals are reviewed on a quarterly basis by the D & I committee and the Board of Directors.

Our commitment to D & I is also extended to our Suppliers through the Supplier Code of Conduct and we encourage engagement with qualified suppliers owned by persons of disabilities, women or minority communities.

Focus Areas

Wipro is an equal opportunity employer and merit in qualification, performance & capability form the sole criteria for selection, remuneration and promotions for new applicants and existing employees alike. We believe that number-based targets / percentages to increase diverse workforce can impact meritocracy and deviate from our holistic approach of ensuring meaningful employment across different functions and levels. We have therefore consciously refrained from integrating such targets into the goals and objectives of leaders and relevant teams.

We believe that creating an organizational culture in which employees feel included and secure to report concerns and violations without fear of retaliation, is the key to preserving human rights and fostering a culture of inclusion. With this in view, we have focussed on creating policy and process frameworks that support an inclusive work environment. We have zero tolerance towards retaliation and this encourages employees to report concerns & discrimination issues to managers, senior leaders and the human resources team. Additionally, we have a long-standing whistle-blower process (Ombudsprocess) and helpline which is available to employees 24/7 in multiple languages. Concerns raised are investigated by a neutral Ombudsman.

Our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Program was formally launched in 2008 to give shape and direction to this commitment. The programme is multi-dimensional and consists of the following pillars.