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Our work in education is driven by the belief that education is a key enabler of social change and a better society. We believe in a social vision of democracy where each citizen is not only capable in an individual sense but who also sees the ethic of equity, the essentiality of diversity, the ethos of justice, and is thus driven by social sensitivity. Schools have to be spaces that nurture these principles, capabilities & values. Our notion of good education derives from these anchors. Good education is that which enables the growth and development of the child in multiple dimensions, so that she is able to fulfill and expand her potential, as also to become an active, contributing and concerned citizen of the world. These multiple dimensions of development of the child are cognitive, social, emotional, physical and ethical. Good education develops the abilities of learning-to-learn, critical thinking, problem solving, conceptual understanding etc. and is not based on rote.

We are involved in various initiatives over the years in education which try and address this across different groups in schools and colleges in the country. Over the years, these programs have evolved in scale, scope and maturity as captured in the highlights below

  • School Education in India: We work on systemic issues in school education in India through a network of partner organizations. Wipro Applying Thought in Schools is a social initiative of Wipro’s that aims to build capacities for school education reform in India.
  • Sustainability Education: Started in 2011, our program Wipro earthian brings together two of our key concerns: school education and sustainability.
  • School Education outside of India: The program, Wipro Science Education Fellowships is currently active in Chicago, New Jersey, New York and Boston with the overarching goal of contributing to improve Science and Math education in schools that primarily serve disadvantaged communities in US cities.
  • Skills development for students that is based on a comprehensive framework of postgraduate level education.
    • Work Integrated Learning programs (WASE / WiSTA) - are unique program that blends rigorous academic exposure at the graduate level with practical professional learning at the workplace.