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Employee Engagement and Empowerment

With the advent and deep influence of social media, we have witnessed a dynamic shift in the way employees communicate and seek information. Over the years, our focus on participative engagement has increased and our programs have been more closely aligned to cater to our diverse and multi-generational workforce.

Our employee engagement programs are driven at multiple levels – organizational, unit/team and individual. Key organizational changes and announcements are cascaded through emails, online posts, posters, kiosks, on-floor sessions and through business and HR teams. The leadership team engages with employees throughout the year through online chat sessions, Leader blogs, organizational level ‘Wipro Meets’, business unit level ‘All Hands Meets’, round table discussions and functional review meets and offsites. Another important enablement to engagement is through business managers and HR teams who meet employees through one-to-one meetings & team discussions. Additionally, customized engagement frameworks are used by business units to address needs specific to employees in that unit or to that business/domain.

Our online enterprise-wide social platform has allowed employees across the globe to network and collaborate, thus removing the physical boundaries of a geographically widespread workforce and increasing the feeling of connectedness in a global organization. It has also allowed employees to provide real-time feedback through online polls & directly connect with senior leaders or functional teams. Additionally, employees have been able to network, form special interest groups, seek role opportunities and work on collaborative projects without location or team constraints. Over 85000 Wiproites currently (As on close of FY 15-16) use this platform, with over 7500 public and private groups.

The adoption of these forums by employees (as indicated by participation levels/usage) indicates how well ingrained they are into the organizational culture.