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Employee Feedback Forums- Employee Perception Survey (EPS)

Employee Perception Survey is a biennial organization wide employee survey through which we capture employee engagement & feedback. It measures the perception of employees on key aspects of the organization that shape their experience of life and work at Wipro. It measures the level of employee engagement and seeks feedback on aspects like organization, leadership, manager, team and collaboration, role, career & opportunities, work processes & tools, rewards & recognition. The survey questionnaire has been designed internally and is administered in multiple languages to cater to a global diverse workforce.

The last biennial Employee Perception Survey (EPS) was conducted in December 2015. EPS 2015 showed an increase of 4% points in participation over the last full survey, EPS 2013. The employee engagement score increased by 1% point as compared to the previous complete survey (EPS 2013). Diversity & Inclusion, Customer Focus and Wipro Values continues to be among the top 5 drivers of engagement as compared to EPS 2013. Health & Safety, Role-Job and Rewards saw an increase of score as compared to EPS 2013.

Our in-house built EPS analytics tool provides analysis of the results at various levels- geography, business unit, gender, career levels, age, nationality, tenure, performance rating. Wipro runs a lot of initiatives to support Gender Diversity and hence we do track and monitor the engagement scores of women. Gender wise results across career grades and engagement drivers/questions were also studied.

The focus areas highlighted through quantitative and qualitative analysis form the themes of focus group discussions and one to one interviews to consolidate our findings. Survey results and identified action areas are communicated throughout the organization through mailers and cascade sessions by business leaders and HR. Each business unit includes action plans specific to their units in addition to the organization-wise action plans. Action areas for the upcoming year have been finalized which includes key initiatives around Manager Effectiveness, Careers and Capability, Diversity and Inclusion.