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Taking cognizance that employee well-being and safety is an aspect which impacts at various focal points, the overall responsibility for health & safety is assumed by the HR, EHS, ERM, Audit /Risk & compliance team.

At global locations, the location operations, facilities management and human resources team assume joint responsibility of the employee health & safety aspects. Around 80% of our workforce works in locations across India and majority of them work from Wipro facilities. Taking this into account, we have established a core EHS team with city-wise EHS coordinators who drive compliance to standard procedures defined at a corporate level. The EHS Team along with service providers organize awareness programs on health & safety, thereby impacting performance on health & safety aspects.

Safety committees are formed at major locations and consist of cross functional members from senior management, service providers and employees. Major locations exceeding 2000 employees have safety committees which meet quarterly & participate in risk assessments, safety inspections, incident investigations and hygiene audits. Remaining locations report work place hazards in the HSE portal and get discussed in city-wise committee meetings. Decisions taken during these meetings are communicated along with corrective actions and target dates in order to minimize risks. These committees bring together stakeholders at various levels to promote positive occupational health & safety culture. The safety committee meetings represent 100% participation from the representative employees.

We have an integrated Risk Assessment in place of Initial Environmental Review and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment. The risk assessment is evaluated every year and also as and when there a change management pertaining to people, process or equipments. Employees and Service providers are part of this risk assessment.

Our audit team who are certified internal auditors from cross functions are involved in the half yearly internal audits to verify the effective implementation of ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 standard. Internal audits are organized at rented and leased locations. 18 locations in India are certified or ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Apart from the Internal Audits, the corporate internal audit team also conducted the audit at selected locations to check the effectiveness on the closure of the gaps identified in internal audits and the report is submitted to the senior management as part of the Management Reviews.

In addition to this, we also participate in client audits and provide information and data related to health & safety.

As part of hazard communication / recognition, employees also report their observations on Environment, Health and Safety under various categories like Major/ Minor/ First-Aid /Near-misses etc. through our intranet portal. The incidents are further investigated and the root cause is analyzed for implementation of corrective and preventive actions to avoid recurrence. Employee Awareness on reporting hazards is created through group mailers/ monitor screen savers/ open house sessions at workstation. As a proactive measure, this has helped to eliminate the risks at workplaces which in turn resulted in reduction of work related injuries across the locations