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Highlights of Energy and GHG Emissions Related Performance

Absolute Energy Consumption

The total energy consumption, electricity and back-up diesel generated, for office spaces across all global operations in IT is 322 Mn Units (India adds to 299 Mn units). Data centers - India and overseas (USA and Germany) contribute to another 91 Mn units.

Breakup of consumption by source of energy is as follows.

Energy Intensity of Office Spaces

In India, energy consumption per employee showed a 6.7 % decrease over the previous year, from 224 units in 14-15 to 209 units per employee per month in 15-16. At a global level, the comparative figures were 223 units for 14-15 and 230 units for 2015-16 registering a 3.1% increase over the previous year.

Office space energy intensity showed a decrease of 3.7% from 195 to 189 units per sq. meter per annum. This is primarily from energy optimization measures, retrofit of older equipment with more energy efficient equipment and consolidation of operations accompanied by a transition from leased to owned facilities with the resulting increase in overall utilization of office space and better quality of maintenance operations.

The following series of charts illustrate various metrics of our performance on energy and GHG emissions.

Emissions Intensity of Energy Used in Office Spaces

Absolute Emissions Profile

The three year Absolute Emissions Profile (includes comparable scope 3 categories from previous years)

Scope 1 and 2 Emissions

Absolute GHG Emissions: Scope 1 and 2, Split by Geo and Office / Data Centers