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Identification of Issues

Material issues and their relative importance to Wipro and our stakeholders are not static and are likely to change with time. In line with this, we followed a threefold approach based on the Five Part Materiality Test proposed by AccountAbility. We try to present a 360 degree perspective on our business and ecosystem through this process and its outcomes.

Internal Assessment

A significant part of materiality determination stems from the organization’s overall mission, values, commitments and competitive strategy as well as the impact of or on its economic performance. An internal perspective on risks as identified through organizational processes like risk assessment studies and audits or self-assessments using disclosure frameworks is also considered in the process. Listed below are the sources of information.

External Benchmarking

We conducted an extensive review of literature to identify issues considered as material and identified as risks by our business peers and also to understand expectations expressed in international standards and agreements. Listed below are the sources of information.

Stakeholder Feedback

Stakeholder inclusiveness is central to the materiality determination process. It is important to consider reasonable expectations and interests of stakeholders so as to provide a balanced view of the issues that emerge. At Wipro, we engage with our stakeholders regularly to understand their concerns and develop plans to address those concerns.

From the above mentioned sources, a universe of all issues or dimensions that could be material for our businesses was identified.