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Key Highlights

Average training days per employee, we recognize that the metric is becoming increasingly less relevant as in a knowledge based organization, a significant part of the learning takes place outside classrooms through on-job trainings, peer learning, online courses and experiential learning and hence not used.

Our aim is to incorporate more insightful indicators to track our performance for example making our programs scalable, through use of digital platforms for a global audience and ensure maximum participation from our employees. Wipro’s online Learning Networks platform allows employees to connect to experts across the organization and seek mentorship. Since its launch in 2013, Learning Networks now has close to 1300 Registered Mentors, close to 10000 registered Mentees.

Another key metric is Utilization - which can get impacted by how quickly we can reskill/upskill our talent in line with the customer /market dynamics and deploy them on billable projects. In FY 15-16, our gross utilization was at 68.8%. In order to ensure we have optimum utilization of our talent, there are initiatives such as Train to Bill, wherein employees whose projects are nearing end or are between projects to be deployed to new projects, are imparted just in time training to suit the needs of the new project. The L& D team works with the business teams to identify the gap in the skills of the employee. Just In Time training is provided to address skill gaps so that the employee can then be deployed in new project opportunities. This initiative aligns training to the business demand and helps in rapidly fulfilling customer requirements.

One key area of focus in FY 15-16 has been to ensure that our employees are trained in Digital and quickly deployed:

  1. Approximately 15,000 employees trained through an innovative platform called “Future Ready” for building Awareness on Digital Technologies for all customer-facing roles.
  2. Over 20,000 employees trained on core digital technologies through Digital Foundation Academy.
  3. Over 4000 employees benefitted from a program called Cutting EDGE program which trained employees on advanced skills for Digital transformation, such as Digital Architecture, Big Data, Analytics and Mobile Apps Development.

For a number of our capability building programs, Yammer has been used extensively for social learning. For example, groups have been created focusing on specific technologies/roles in the organization, where employees can come together to effectively learn from each other. After classroom training, the faculty use this platform to engage with the participants for continued learning. The discussions are analyzed to derive feedback which enables L&D to improve training programs. To generate interest, we launched a competition across the various groups in Yammer on how they could use the social media platform effectively for learning. The groups were measured on the number of discussion threads and responses, as well as the quality of the posts. There was enthusiastic participation and many of the groups demonstrated creative and innovative ways of using social media for learning. Over a period of just 6 months, more than 8,000 employees participated in learning groups, posting 85,000 threads of discussion.