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Persons with Disabilities (PwD) Program

Our inclusion framework for Persons with Disability (PwD) focuses on 6 key themes of Policy, Accessible Infrastructure, Accessible Information Systems, Recruitment, Training and Awareness. Our partnership with Diversity and Equal Opportunity Centre (DEOC) continued through the year to advise us on the inclusion initiatives for employees with disabilities.

Overview Persons with Disability Initiatives

Focus Areas

Focus for FY 15-16 Strategic Lever Key Actions / Performance
Collaborate with NGOs / institutes to actively seek deserving candidates for employment Collaboration with NGOs open up pre-hire opportunities for training & mentoring to improve employability of persons with disabilities and expands the talent pool.
  • We continued our recruitment efforts through collaboration with NGOs and hired 17 talented candidates with disabilities.
  • Job fairs held in collaboration with CII and NGOs like Sarthak, Ability Foundation and Enable India.
  • Wipro has supported NGOs train the prospective employees and then hire the trained employees.
  • Prehiring support like internship opportunities to students from institutes like ELMS Global (Bangalore), Ekansh Trust (Pune).
Sustained focus- Barrier-free workplaces Supporting an accessible 'entry-to-exit' enables employees with disabilities to navigate with ease and creates a more inclusive workplace.
  • 'Breaking all barriers' contest was held for employees to review Wipro's physical infrastructure and suggest improvements.
  • Wipro’s Building Standards (earlier based on National Building Code 2005) have been modified to include international norms developed by United Nations ‘Accessibility for the Disabled, A Design Manual for a Barrier Free Environment’ and the latest draft of the Building Code prepared by National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP) and Accesibility, India. These standards lay the foundation for compliance for all new buildings.
Barrier-free communication Creating inclusive communication systems and accessible software applications enables us to effectively engage with all employees & create an environment of equal opportunity & harmony.
  • Our ‘Winclusive’ initiative was integrated with our online enterprise social networking platform to enhance communication and interaction between employees. Winclusive is a vibrant community of employees with disabilities that discusses the IT-enabled applications’ accessibility and provides suggests and change requests. The Yammer page of Winclusive has 230 employees.
  • Our ‘Kinesics’ portal provides employees across the globe a medium to learn the basics of sign language and apply it to terminology prevalent in IT environment. It was upgraded with a focus to improve accessibility of our information systems.
Engagement Proving forums for engaging with persons with disabilities and involving them in shaping our inclusivity charter helps in improving accessibility on an ongoing basis Networking opportunities were provided to persons with disability connect at Global Forums - In 2015, A Wiproite was chosen among four others from India to represent at UN’s; One youth representative with hearing impairment presented a paper in the Youth Program conducted by Disabled People’s International (DPI) during the Conference of State Parties in the United Nations in New York in 2015.
Exclusive ‘Annual Global All Hands Meet’ for People With Disability @ Wipro was organized to provide a platform for leadership connect, networking interaction with Industry experts in the field of disability and to reward and recognize PWDs and their managers at Wipro who have excelled in their work and also supported Wipro in making it inclusive
Advocacy Wipro is involved in creating awareness and sensitivity through various platforms Wipro provided support to the disability initiatives & Campaigns organised by other independent bodies. For instance, Collaboration with Ability Foundation, Wipro sponsored their event Ability Fest ‘A film screening festival to create awareness in the area of disability’
We organised a Campus Connect for Visually Impaired students from Deal Foundation.
Wipro participated in a Guest session on insights from Industry experts for a Seminar on ‘Sourcing Non-Conventional Talents makes Business Sense’ by NHRD, Kolkata.

Key Highlights

  • In 2015-16, Wipro won Asia-Pac award’ in the Workplace Category at Disability Matters Asia-Pac Conference held at Bangkok.
  • As on March 2016, 368 employees had voluntarily declared their disabilities through our online Self Identification Form. Number may vary since a number of employees with disability do not prefer to declare their disability and wish to stand at par like all others.