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Policy and Strategy

Our approach to social responsibility and sustainability rests on three important pillars.

  • The Strategic: We choose domains and issues to engage with that are force multipliers for social change and sustainable development. Social responsibility is as much about being a sustainable organization as it is about external initiatives. Therefore, some of our areas of engagement lie at the convergence of business goals and social purpose.
  • The Systemic: Within the chosen domains, we choose to engage on systemic issues that require deep, meaningful and challenging work. Given the nature of social change, this implies commitment over the long term, typically for several decades because real, genuine change takes long to happen
  • The Deliberative: Our emphasis on depth and on long term commitment implies a deliberative approach that precludes spreading ourselves thin or engaging in ‘cheque book philanthropy’. By implication, this also means that we are wary of expanding and growing our social programs as ends in themselves.

Domains of Engagement Wipro’s social initiatives center on the following dimensions.