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Program Areas-Health & Safety

Our approach to health & safety is multi-pronged. Protection of employees from injury or occupational disease is a major continuing objective. To this end, we continued our effort to enhance safety & security at the workplace by prescribing policies & procedures, creating awareness and imparting trainings.

Focus Areas Key Actions / Performance Highlights
Enhance workplace safety and security with additional focus on Women's Safety
  • Ergonomics - Ergonomics was identified as a significant risk in risk assessment reports due to the sedentary nature of IT roles. Wipro has therefore set-up Ergonomic center at all major locations to assist employees on postural problems. Based on the Ergonomic cases reported at the ergonomic center, sessions were conducted for employees with emphasis on Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) that may be caused by workplace activities. Workplace ergonomics consultants assist in preventing and managing work related injuries and work related stress. Work place evaluation was organized and corrective actions prescribed to employees on optimal positions & postures at the work stations. Ergonomic services has helped employees to identify risk factors & understand measures on preventing injuries at their workstation.
  • Emergency preparedness- As part of Health and Safety objective on safe work place, mock drills were organized and tested for identified potential threats like fire/ electrical shocks / medical emergencies etc. across locations. This enhanced awareness among the employees and the staff working at critical areas to respond and follow the procedures in real scenarios, thus reducing the probability of negative impact on employee safety. In accordance with law, fire safety systems are regularly tested to ensure 100% functionality to handle emergencies and the fire mock drills are conducted once every six months to check the employee awareness on evacuation procedure in reaching safe assembly area.
    Medical staff are trained on the campus layout before deploying at our Occupational Health Centers
  • Women's safety - Our security teams were trained on gender sensitization as a part of their on-job training and induction. Cab pickup and drop facility with security escort is available for women employees travelling late in the night or early in the morning. Women of Wipro committees were formed to discuss concerns and suggestions on women’s safety. Over 1886 women participated in women employee security awareness sessions and self-defense sessions.
  • Food safety - Our focus on food safety is considered significant as major locations have cafeterias run by food business operators (FBOs). This is one of the core areas where hygiene practices are monitored and inspected to avoid the risks on employee health. We have started the inspection of FSSAI requirement implementation at all the locations on daily basis by internal teams and encouraged the employees to be part of such food inspections. Locations started the qualitative checks at the food receiving area on monitoring the temperatures of perishable foods including poultry, meat, milk products, frozen food etc, quality of vegetables/fruits and FSSAI certification of all packaged products. Employees are also consulted on food safety concerns during the food safety / cafeteria meetings and corrective actions are initiated. The results of the food safety/ cafeteria meetings are showcased in management reviews as part of Health and Safety performance.
    Apart from the internal checks, we also assessed the FBOs at their sites to verify the compliance in-line with FSSAI requirements.
  • Workplace safety - We consider indoor air quality as a significant risk on employee’s health aspect as employees work in air conditioned offices. The risks are assessed with adequate controls and environmental parameters are monitored in cognizance to ASHRA standards. Wherever indicators deviate from permissible levels, root-cause analysis is done and corrective measures undertaken to avoid injuries/illnesses. This ensures a safe workplace for the employees and align with the health and safety objective of employee well-being.
Sustain a balanced approach to employee well-being with focus on physical & emotional health
  • Mitr - Our Employee counselling and Support forum, Mitr was established over 12 years ago. It enables employees to reach out to counsellors 24x7 in-person and on phone and seek assistance for issues pertaining to personal or professional life. Mitr counsellors include professionally trained and volunteer Wiproites as well as external counsellors from an Employee Assistance Program service provider. In addition to this, Mitr also includes counselling on legal and financial matters rendered by experts. The program is free of cost for employees and their family members and is completely confidential. Awareness is created through intermittent email campaigns and posters as well as through webchats on common issues. The online portal also has insightful self-help modules for employees to refer
  • Fit for Life - The online portal provides employees’ access to tools such as health calculators, diet and nutrition advice from experts, access to health counsellors and a plethora of articles, blogs and success stories from employees. Online chats, awareness sessions are also conducted under the aegis of Fit for Life. At several locations, through Fit for Life, employees can also find Yoga classes, fitness class and health club memberships at subsidized rates.
Evangelize Wipro's commitment on health & safety through awareness and training
  • Safety Awareness: 45th National Safety Day - Facilities management group organized various activities to commemorate National Safety Day. These included pledges, rewards, and mock scenarios on emergency preparedness, trainings and talks on safety. Safety day awareness campaigns helped the organization in proactive reporting of hazards by the employees to eliminate risks and in adopting the safe work place practices in order to reduce work injury rate. Additionally, Wipro Limited has recognized the contractors who followed the safe work practices and adherence to SOPs at workplaces at respective locations on the National Safety day.
  • Health awareness initiatives - We have OHCs set up at all locations and these provides services ranging from basic health care to emergency care units. Medi-Assist Healthcare services manages the Occupational Health Centre Management at all locations with qualified medical staff. OHC’s are operated 24/7 at campus locations and aim at monitoring and managing adverse health effects that may occur at the work place by promoting good workplace health practices, imparting health education, conducting employee awareness programs, capturing illness trends and by developing a framework to interpret employee health statistics to drive fitness and align with the health and safety objective of wellbeing. Daily dash boards are monitored at OHC to check for major ailments and thus help in identifying and mitigating risks proactively through awareness sessions. Daily health tips are shared with employees as part of health awareness.
    Medical emergencies are effectively handled and the same is tested during the mock drills.
  • Pandemic preparedness and vaccination camps - During the H1N1 pandemic outbreak, Wipro initiated pandemic awareness sessions through professional physicians on the among employees on knowledge and guidelines in enabling employees to anticipate, recognize and control the possibility of infection by H1N1 virus. Few of the employees participated in the identification, evaluation and control of H1N1 virus hazards and risk assessment. An awareness campaign on hygiene practices was carried out during the H1N1 outbreak and included sanitization of workplaces, tracking of suspected cases and display of precautionary measures on hygiene practices etc. Timely awareness and effective communication of all stakeholders helped in managing this outbreak and preventing loss of productivity, absenteeism and customer escalations.
    As part of food safety management, Typhoid vaccination camp was organized for food handlers across Wipro India who are involved in the food preparation at our cafeterias. Organizing such vaccination camps helped the organization to eliminate food borne diseases affecting the employee’s health.
    Flood Deluge: Post floods, free vaccination camps organised at Chennai and 5824 employees / service providers & their families are vaccinated as part of social cause.
Capacity building for service providers through function specific training

As part of continual competency development, job specific trainings are identified for different functions to make our contractors and sub-contractors adopt to the safe work culture in the organization. These trainings include Electrical Safety, LOTO, Elevator Rescue of Passengers, Safe driving, Accident Prevention and Accident Reporting, Office Safety, Computer Safety, Ergonomic Awareness, Personal Protective Equipment, Hazard Recognition, Hazardous Communication, Waste management, Awareness on Bio-Hazard, First Aid and Emergency response etc.

Over 160,000 participants (employees, contractors and service providers) attended Occupational health and safety trainings in FY 15-16. Though the trainings are additional controls as identified in Occupational health and safety risk assessment, this helped the staff working at critical areas to adhere with safe working procedures and further resulted in reduction of work injuries. Trainings and awareness on Health and Safety is one of the proactive measures in enhancing the safety culture among the contractors/ service providers.

As part of emergency preparedness and response, Wipro Limited organised the First Aider training programmes on basic first aid measures for ERT members across PAN India through professionals experts from recognized Hospitals