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Scope of Reporting

The environmental reporting covers all our operations globally.

  • India: 61 locations comprising of 23 owned locations and three data centers representing 80% of our workforce.
  • Overseas: 139 offices in 48 countries and 7 customer datacenters. A majority of the Wipro overseas offices operate out of leased facilities.

    We have energy consumption data available for 53% of the facilities by seat capacity while for the balance 47%, we have used done extrapolations based on assumptions to arrive at best estimates. The uncertainty due to these extrapolations is estimated to be less than 1% (See our CDP 2016 report for more details). We report only energy consumption from purchased electricity for overseas offices as the energy consumption under other heads like heating and cooling is negligible. Since these are multi-tenanted leased spaces, utility data is being tracked at Wipro level for the location.

*The energy, water and waste reporting for India accounts for 80% of our impact from all operations.