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Sustainability Dashboard

In this section, we are presenting our goals and measures in condensed form, but a complete understanding of these dimensions is possible only in the detailed analysis that follows in subsequent sections.

Workplace Sustainability

    Employee Engagement and Empowerment

  • Sustained use of Yammer as the enterprise social networking platform Over 85,000 users with 7,500 groups
  • Engagement scores in the Employee Perception Survey (EPS) increased by 100 basis points compare to EPS 2013
  • Employee Well-being and Safety

  • 1,60,000 employees, contractors and service providers attended trainings on Health & Safety, Safe Transpor tation, Hospitality, Security, Emergency Response Drills
  • 18 locations in India certified for OHSAS 18001
  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • 32% of workforce constitute of Women
  • 105 nationalities in 55 countries
  • 368 employees with disabilities as on March 31, 2016
  • 100+ high potential women employees enrolled as mentees in the ongoing 4th batch of Women of Wipro (WoW) Mentoring Program
  • Capacity Building and Career Development

  • Approximately 15,000 employees trained through an innovative platform called “Future Ready” for building Awareness on Digital Technologies for all customer-facing roles
  • Over 20,000 employees trained on core digital technologies through Digital Foundation Academy.
  • Over 4000 employees benefitted from a program called Cutting EDGE program which trained employees on advanced skills for Digital transformation
  • Create a culture that drives performance and enhances overall employee experience
  • Strengthening Careers for employees by building Talent from within and a scalable talent supply chain model
  • Build talent capabilities in line with the vision of the organization
  • Increase the effectiveness of HR processes and employee delight- through digitization and Talent Analytics.

Ecological Sustainability

    Energy and Emissions

  • In India, energy consumption per employee showed a 6.7 % decrease over the previous year, from 224 units in 14-15 to 209 units per employee per month in 15-16.
  • Global emissions intensity reduced from 1.67 to 1.46 tons per employee per annum
  • Renewable energy contributes to 23% of total electricity consumptions for India offices
  • GHG savings of nearly 141302 tons
  • Water

  • The per employee water consumption for the reporting year is 1.295 m3 per month, a 4.78 % reduction when compared with 1.36 m3 in year 2014 - 15.
  • Around 52 percentage of freshwater extracted is recycled
  • About 32% of our total water requirement is recycled
  • Waste

  • 92% of total waste from India operations recycled or reused
  • 100% of organic waste recycled
  • 60% of MSW recycled and remaining landfilled
  • Campus Biodiversity

  • Completed the first phase of work on biodiversity retrofit projects at our two campuses in Pune; increased native species by 4 times to 240 in one of the campuses
  • Phase two of biodiversity park (wetland park) in Electronic City campus in progress
  • Continue to strengthen energy efficiency programs in buildings
  • Doubling renewable units of energy by 2020 from 65 Mn. To 135 Mn. units
  • Improve water efficiency (fresh water use per employee) by 5% year on year

Financial Stewardship

  • Direct economic value generated amounting to Rs. 512,440 Mn. (7735 Mn. USD)
  • Rs. 48,168 Mn. worth of economic value retained
  • 47.9 % of revenue spent on employee wages and benefits

Customer Stewardship

    Customer Engagement

  • Net Promoter Score increased by 420 basis points for 2015-16 as compared to the previous year
  • Overall satisfaction performance of increased from 89.7% to 91.5% in 2015-16
  • Innovation

  • Total R&D expenses for the year stood at Rs. 2561 Mn.
  • In FY 2015-16, the company continued to strengthen its IP portfolio with 514 new patent applications filed
  • Made 6 investments with a cumulative spend of US$ 15 million in cutting edge start-ups in areas such as Digital, Internet of Things (IoT) etcetera
  • Data Privacy and IT Security

  • No substantiated instances of data privacy breaches
  • An overall CSR rating of Gold (highest among possible three levels) by Ecovadis
  • Designated as “CSR Thought Leader’ by Verego
  • Committed spend of US$ 5 million in FY16 in start-ups working in technologies that are reshaping the future of enterprises.

Supply chain Sustainability

  • Sourcing from minority and women owned enterprises contributed to 5.4% of total central procurement-tracked spend for India operations
  • By value 75% of the procurement for the year was from local (India based) suppliers
  • To conduct social compliance audit for 300 identified suppliers

Social Responsibility

    Wipro Education

  • Seeding Fellowship program launched to support individuals and groups starting organizations working in school education
  • Continued supporting 16 organizations through programmatic grants, fellowships, confcerences and publications. This included engagement with four new & upcoming organizations being supported from last year.
  • Instituted an award for children’s literature in partnership with Goodbooks Trust and The Hindu Lit Fest
  • Wipro Science Education Fellowship Program

  • Launched to improve Science and Math education in schools primarily serving disadvantaged communities in cities in USA
  • Works with 250-300 teachers across 20 school districts who go through a 2-3 year fellowship
  • Work in progress in 5 school districts each in Boston, New Jersey & New York in participation with University of Massachusetts, Montclair State University and Mercy College
  • External evaluation study of Wipro SEF in Q1 highlighted that the program is being positively received by participants and has resulted in numerous outcomes (on instructional practices, reflective skills, sense of community etc.) for Fellows, District Coordinators and associated schools & districts
  • Wipro earthian

  • Increased reach to 2000 schools, 1500 colleges and 2200 teachers in 45 districts across 21 states
  • Wipro-earthian Sustainability quiz was successfully launched at the IIMA Confluence festival and the IIMB Exemius festival where 227 teams and 681 students participated
  • Round table discussion on sustainability education attended by 60 regional colleges in Orissa was organized
  • Wipro Cares

  • A total of 33 project across domains all over the country
  • Health care services of Wipro Cares reach out to around 30,000 people in nearly 60 villages
  • Environmental initiatives reach out to around 2000 waste workers in Bangalore.
  • The education program reaches out to more than 64,000 children from disadvantaged communities in 8 cities
  • ‘Education of children with disability’ projects supports the educational and rehabilitative needs of over 2500 underprivileged children through 12 projects