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Technology Themes for Innovation

Wipro is playing a key role in fostering innovation at the intersection of different technologies and in creating new products, services and breakthrough applications. Here 'breakthrough' implies products, services, processes, ideas and answers that were not possible before. We do this by mapping the future landscape i.e. by sensing tomorrow and responding today. The following are the technology themes on which we are focused currently.

Enterprises are increasingly looking at Open Source and Open Stack applications for end-to-end business collaboration, greater productivity, speed and efficiency. Open Source applications are also being used to promote growth for adaptive enterprises. There is a shift from the conventional application architectures that rely on individual enterprises to Internet technologies and services that are more open. The Next Generation of IT systems will address the challenges of availability on scale, moving from efficiency to effectiveness and erasing the boundaries between personal and enterprise computing.

To keep pace with the rapid changes, organizations need to be nimble. Also, they need to adopt Open Source that offers lower cost of ownership, faster developer centric innovation driven by large communities, flexibility, no vendor lock-in, greater security and quality. Our investments put us in a strong position to help customers start their Open Source journey.

Wipro has identified Open Source as a core technology initiative and the company's investments in building a large cadre of skilled personnel, including world class Open Source industry veterans and community experts, is beginning to reap dividends as reflected by increasing customer interest. Wipro's services include the development and implementation of Open Source policies and processes, advisory and strategy consulting, roadmap development, integration, community engagement, legacy migration, governance, risk mitigation and support.

Wipro also helps customers build Open Source platforms on Applications (Middleware, Security, Customer Experience Platforms, Mobile Frameworks), Big data, Infrastructure (Operating Systems, Databases, Virtualization, Cloud Technologies, Software Defined Infrastructure), Internet of Things (IoT), Hardware and Testing.

Wipro Ventures

As part of a start-up engagement model, we have invested in building a world class ecosystem through a US$ 100 million corporate venture capital fund, Wipro Ventures, aimed at investing in cutting edge start-ups in areas such as Digital, Internet of Things (IoT), Big data, Open source, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In 2015-16, Wipro Ventures has seen strong traction and scale. We have made 6 investments with a cumulative spend of US$ 15 million and a further committed spend of US$ 5 million in FY16 in start-ups working in Big Data and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Mobility, Cloud Infra, Fintech and Security – technologies that are reshaping the future of enterprises.


Wipro follows a federated model for innovation with innovation being driven through multiple structures. The CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) and his group invests in long term solution building and aids the investment efforts of the Business Units /Service Lines by supporting some selected seeding initiatives that are designed to create new business services for Wipro.

The CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and his group drive innovation through investing in a set of technology themes that can be applied to create services in different industry verticals. The CTO Office also anchors innovation crowdsourcing and open execution processes within and outside the organization through internal innovation programs and by driving an external program that connects with the ecosystem of startups, academia and research institutions.

Business units (BU's) and Service Lines (SLs) also drive innovation within their respective industry or technology domain develop solutions and service products within their remits. The internal process transformation group invests in tools and frameworks that help improve costs and productivity of our delivery processes for both infrastructure and application management services.