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Voice of Customer

The Voice of the Customer is heard at various levels i.e., at project level, program level, account level and through direct feedback, informal meetings, governance meetings and senior management interaction with the client. The processes include Program CSAT, program CSAT, Quarterly pulse surveys and the Annual CSAT conducted through third party surveys. These are conducted formally and at appropriate intervals to capture customer feedback on Wipro. The Strategic Marketing Group conducts surveys on brand perception where they also understand customer’s expectations of Wipro and Wipro’s position relative to its competitors. Regular visits by senior leaders to customers are another key source of information. We also conduct webinars with our alliance partners to capture the customer voice.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSAT)

The Customer Connect Process

Wipro communicates and connects with its customers through a matrix framework.

Every key account has a dedicated Client Partner to own and manage the relationship. The Client Partner profiles the account and proposes/ offers solutions that are strategically relevant to customers. An execution process document and system maintenance technical document for each engagement ensures that all customer needs are documented and agreed between the two parties.

Business Unit heads interact and engage with customers via monthly governance meetings, quarterly business review meetings, and client-visits every quarter. Service Line heads visit and attend all the important meetings. In addition, the CEO visits accounts regularly. Executive sponsors are assigned for all mega accounts to maintain and build the relationship.

The Wipro Leaders survey is an annual 360 degree feedback mechanism. In this ‘Customer Centricity’ is a key leadership attribute on which a leader is given feedback by his peers, managers and reportees. This feedback is both quantitative & qualitative and is analyzed and shared with employees. This is integrated with the performance appraisal process to ensure that right actions are put in place to improve customer satisfaction.

The Customer Satisfaction (C-SAT) Action Planning Frame Work

CSAT is an important business objective and it is linked to employee performance linked payouts on a quarterly basis. We follow the following framework to seek, understand and analyze customer feedback. The customer feedback obtained through the surveys is analyzed and improvement opportunities are identified. Once actions are identified, the value creation actions (CVI) and Dissatisfaction Reduction Actions are communicated to the customer. Frequent updates on progress, through quarterly business reviews and other appropriate forums are provided to build customer confidence in the process, and ensure that the actions taken truly have a positive impact on customer satisfaction. Senior leaders review feedback reports at regular intervals in different forums such as Quality Improvement Councils and Management Review Meetings.

Governance of Customer Relationship Management

The Customer Advocacy Group (CAG) in Wipro is part of the Quality organization and drives customer satisfaction improvement initiatives for the organization. This group is responsible for enabling and tracking the early warning system and for addressing alerts before they can potentially become serious customer issues. The team is also responsible for driving effective closures of customer escalations.