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Wipro and its Stakeholders

Organizations do not exist in silos; it can be even said that every organization is the sum total of interactions with different stakeholders so as to create value for all parties involved either directly or indirectly. In such a system of interdependencies, engagement with stakeholders is central; however over the past few decades, stakeholder engagement has become more than just interactions happening over the normal course of business. Engaging with stakeholders has a greater purpose of understanding risks and opportunities associated with the social, environmental and economic climate that a business is embedded in.

Summary of Stakeholder Engagement

At Wipro, we look at stakeholder engagement as a sine qua non for fostering responsible and sustainable business practices that benefit both, the organization and the stakeholders. What follows is a summary representation of our engagement with the eight stakeholders. This acts as a valuable input to our materiality determination process.

The Education Ecosystem
The Young Citizen and Future Generations
Communities and Civil Society Networks
Government and Policy Networks