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Women of Wipro (WoW) Program

Recognizing that at different life-stages the needs and expectations of women employees are different, Wipro adopted a life-stage based approach to its gender equity initiative and ‘Women of Wipro’ program was launched in 2008. Focus on gender diversity in Wipro in 2015-16 has been around developing and nurturing the women talent in the organization through various initiatives.

Overview Gender Diversity Initiatives

Focus Areas for FY 15-16 Strategic Lever Key Actions / Performance
Drive cross-functional involvement in gender equity initiatives Involvement of business leaders and functional teams would enable us to align our D & I initiatives to larger business strategies and drive higher focus on tracking and monitoring of key indicators
  • Vital Signs is a program that tracks the entire People Supply Chain in order to check for Gender Balance at each of the stages. Any dip in % at a particular stage is analyzed to identify root causes and suitable recommendations are made to remedy this
  • Findings of this project are currently being evangelized with Functional Heads.
Increased focus on 'Women in Technology' Data trends across industry show lower representation of women in core technology areas. Gender balance in technical roles will bring out diversity in thought and innovation. By bringing focus on this area, our endeavor is to assist in informed decision making and provide career enablers for aspiring women technologists.
  • Senior Women leaders represented Wipro in the prestigious Grace Hopper conference hosted by Anita Borg Institute with the focus & aim to drive Women in engineering initiatives.
  • Workshops on Idea Patenting were organized for women employees.
  • Career Individual Development Plans for middle management women technologists is tracked as an aim to develop their careers.
Sustain Wipro's flagship 'Women in Leadership' mentoring program Representation of women reduces from junior to middle to senior management. A forum for high potential women in middle-management to connect with senior leadership team allows in addressing concerns, developing perspectives and managing aspirations.
  • Our online mentoring tool 'Learning Networks' allowed the invited mentees to choose their own mentors based on their aspirations, expertise and preferences.
  • 100+ high potential women employees enrolled as mentees in the ongoing 4th batch of Women of Wipro (WoW) Mentoring Program
  • Your Career Your Choice launched which is a Classroom based Training Module for High Potential women employees who have recently taken on managerial roles. The program aims to be a positive reinforcement for them to relook at their careers with a long term view and evaluate the specific strengths they bring to the table.
Advocacy-Build Wipro's thought leadership on gender diversity Our participation in industry forums helps in evangelizing our D & I philosophy amongst our peer organizations. We believe that sharing and embracing best practices is the key to developing an inclusive landscape. Wipro has participated in various eminent forums by bodies like SHRM, Academy of International Business, NASSCOM, Catalyst, WECC, NHRDN, and Trilegal during the year. The themes covered included Empowering Women Leadership, Maternity Benefits, Building Awareness to Driving Change, Promoting Young Women in Engineering and Gender Balanced Leadership.

Key Highlights

Over a period of time, a number of initiatives under the WoW program have resulted in higher engagement levels for women as measured by our Employee Perception Survey (EPS) and we have maintained Gender Diversity with over 30% of our employee strength being women. In FY 15-16 Women of Wipro mentoring Program has won the prestigious NASSCOM award for the Best program in Gender Diversity for 2015-2016 in IT/ ITES companies

  • While our return to work ratio for women employees has dipped slightly from around 96% to 94% in FY 14-15, our retention rate for women who return after parental leave has increased from 89% to 93%.
  • In FY 14-15, 3134 women availed one or more of our parental leave options. Additionally, 1750 male employees availed parental leave globally, forming almost 36% of all employees who availed these leaves.