Advocacy Engagements

Domain Brief highlights
Water, Energy, Biodiversity and Waste Management

Energy:With CSTEP for undertaking research on “Design and Development of smart micro-grid technologies for large scale decentralized solar power applications in indian villages – The zero energy village concept

Water continued to be a major area of collaborative focus for us in 2016-17. The two major advocacy platforms that we have been deeply involved in are summarized below

Advancing the agenda of the Karnataka State Water Network (KSWN) along with the CII Karnataka chapter. The KSWN brings together stakeholders from government, academia, civil society and business to address the most pressing issues in water in Bangalore and surrounding areas. Five area-wise clusters and one horizontal cluster on lakes were formed with specific action plans drawn up for each

The Responsible Water program seeks to address the pressing issue of ground water in the Sarjapur area in Bangalore. It does this through a combination of scientific hydrogeology and the involvement several citizen groups as part of a unique decentralized governance framework.

Biodiversity: Our participation in advocacy on biodiversity issues was through two national levels forums – the CII-India Business for Biodiversity Initiative (IBBI) and the Leaders for Nature program from the India chapter of IUCN.

Waste Management: As part of the CII Steering Committee Meeting on the Voluntary Rating System for E-waste Recyclers, we are bringing in our experiences with the e-waste recycling.

Biodiversity Our participation in advocacy on biodiversity issues was through two national levels forums – the CII-India Business for Biodiversity Initiative (IBBI) and the Leaders for Nature program from the India chapter of IUCN.
Horizontal areas in Sustainability and CSR

We continued to strengthen our participation in advocacy on the cause of corporate sustainability as a whole

As Co-Chair of the CII-GBC Greenco forum (Bangalore chapter), the goal is to drive the adoption of the ‘Greenco’ framework by the IT sector. The Greenco framework encourages companies to establish a multi-dimensional framework of ecological sustainability that spans the areas of Energy, Water, Waste, Biodiversity and Product Stewardship.

School Education
  • We have supported 19 new organisations, out of which 14 organisations with 26 fellows were supported through seeding fellowships and 5 organisations through grants.
  • With our grant support, ATREE plans to set-up a central education team and establish an institution-level environment education programme and coordinate activities across sites.
  • Our 16th Partner’s Forum on organizational sharing was held in April 2016. The 3-day forum was a well-attended affair with close to 100 participants from various organizations.
  • Through our partnership with Punarchith, over 20 administrators have received training and continuous support, including teaching-learning support to a few private schools in the Chamrajanagar district, Karnataka.
Sustainability Education
  • Wipro earthian, flagship program in sustainability education for schools and colleges, tries to catalyze advocacy on sustainability learning among young students across the country.
  • Through our partnerships with CEE and CPREEC and state govts we have reached 2478 teachers from 2124 schools. 51 workshops were conducted for schools across 27 states. 170+ colleges participated in our program.
  • We helped our winning schools set up Sustainability learning corners- with 11 Wipro earthian ‘Sustainability Learning corners’ set up in 11 schools across India with a diverse collection of Audio, video and print mediums on the theme of sustainability
  • Wipro earthian’s Sustainability quizzes have gained traction and have become a fixture in various college festivals in institutes like IITB, IIML, IIMB and BITS Goa with a total participation from 360 teams and 720 students.
  • We have introduced a Sustainability Fellowship program at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), and 2 students have been awarded funds through this fellowship during 2016-17.

During 2016-17, Wipro has participated in various eminent forums by bodies like SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), NASSCOM, Catalyst, NHRDN (National HRD Network) etc. We continued our engagement with external stakeholders where we hold advisory board / core committee positions.

  • Wipro is part of the core CII committee for employment of people with disabilities and also part of the NASSCOM working group on gender inclusion.
  • Catalyst is a leading nonprofit organization which works on expanding opportunities for women and business. Wipro’s CEO is on the Catalyst Board of Directors and is also the chair of Catalyst India Advisory Board. This year Catalyst and Wipro co-hosted a Round table on ‘Strategies to Retain Mid-Career Women’.

Speaking engagements in public forums play an important role in building sustainability awareness and advocacy. We actively participated as speakers in several events all through the year, some examples of which are: the GRI Conference on Disability Reporting, the CII Annual Greenco Summit, Xavier University Bhubaneswar’s Annual Sustainability Summit, CII-Karnataka’s Annual Conference on Water and Sustainability workshops at IIM Bangalore, IIM Lucknow and MDI Gurgaon”