Business Strategy

The vision for our business is “To earn our clients’ trust and maximize value of their businesses by providing solutions that integrate deep industry insights, leading technologies and best in class execution”. In doing business we seek to emphasize our core values of being passionate about our client’s success, treating each person with respect, being global and responsible, and maintaining unyielding integrity in everything we do. Our ambition for 2020 has set the direction of our strategy.

Technology has become increasingly central and core to enterprises across industry segments. In addition, consumerization of IT has led to blurring of boundaries between business needs and technology enablement. This has led Wipro to place a strong focus on efficiency in the “Run” side of our clients operations while also driving transformation on the ”Change” side of our clients’ businesses. The “Run” Strategy is about “Modernizing the Core” of our clients’ process and technology landscape, i.e., helping clients achieve significant efficiencies in their core operations through various levers across our core market segments. The ”Change” Strategy is about “Driving the Future” and is focused on helping our clients drive Digital transformation enabled by digital capabilities and assets delivered by Wipro and its partner ecosystem.

Refer to pages 26 - 29 of Wipro Annual Report for FY 2016-17 for detailed Business Strategy.