Community Care

Wipro has a presence in more than 50 countries around the world; of our workforce of more than 160,000 employees, 11% of which comprise nationalities other than Indian. We think it is crucial to engage with proximate communities wherever we have significant presence. This is a reaffirmation of our belief that at its core, social responsibility and sustainability must transcend and should not be restricted to India for a global company like ours. In the context of rural communities, seeing the larger integrated picture is important when executing programs in individual domains. Issues of healthcare, education, access to energy, water and sanitation and livelihoods are often closely inter-linked. If executed well, the outcomes in individual domains can impact the larger canvas of community development. For example, the work that we do for long term rehabilitation after natural disasters helps strengthen the resilience of the affected communities in different ways e.g. strengthening of livelihoods, improved access to education.

Key geographic regions in India, where Wipro’s community initiatives are and the Sustainable Development Goals which they represent are illustrated below