Employee Well-being and Safety

Our Approach & Commitment

A safe workplace is a fundamental human right and we are committed to providing this to all our employees, partners and visitors to Wipro facilities. Through our programs, we believe in influencing all aspects of an employee’s life – including physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Every year, through the mandatory certification of our Code of Business Conduct, we reinforce our commitment towards a healthy, safe and harassment-free workplace and evangelize individual responsibilities of each employee.

Policies & Principles

We have institutionalized key policies like health and safety policy, prevention of sexual harassment policy and a robust grievance redressal system ( Ombuds)

Wipro’s compensation and benefits program takes an integrated approach and provides a range of options for better financial and social security including tax-managing options, insurance & medical packages, assistance in managing financial and personal issues, retirals, etc. Our programs are reviewed intermittently to ensure relevance to today’s changing workforce and mirrors the latest industry offerings, based on the region’s local regulations / laws and norms. Allowances and benefits are further customized for employees who travel outside their home country for short-term project deputation, to suit immediate financial / settling-in needs.

Standard benefits like leave plans, insurance, retirals (contribution to / provision of retirement plans / superannuation schemes in accordance with local laws & industry practices) and other emoluments are provided to our full-time and fixed-term employees, based on the country of operation and law of land.

Parental Leave: Our return to work rate for male employees availing parental leave has typically been close to 100% , hence we closely track and monitor return to work ratio for women employees which is around 90%. We continue to scale our flexibility initiatives for women employees through various leave options, onsite day care centres and wellness benefits.

The compensation & benefits programs available in each geography are outlined in detailed policy documents and are available to all employees on the company intranet. In order to familiarize the human resources teams on the compensation philosophy and benefits across geographies and empower them to answer employee queries, an in-house Compensation and Benefits (C & B) certification program is held every year in multiple batches. Additionally, organizational / business-unit level sessions are also held to create awareness amongst employees through avenues like HR-facilitated workshops, chat sessions, webinars, teleconferencing and mailers.

Focus Areas

Protection of employees from injury or occupational disease is a major continuing objective. There are 27 Occupational Health Centre (OHC) and 7 ergonomic centres that are functioning across Pan India Wipro locations.

Ergonomic related illnesses and upper respiratory infections are material for our workforce.

We have institutionalized health and safety processes including trainings for service providers, risk assessments, ergonomic session for employees, vaccination campus, health awareness sessions and regular cafeteria food inspections. There is special focus on aspects such as women’s safety, assistance to persons with disability, emergency response, and preventive health & safety measures.

Key highlights:

  • Workplace safety - We consider indoor air quality as a significant risk on employee’s health aspect as employees work in air conditioned offices. The risks are assessed with adequate controls and environmental parameters are monitored in cognizance to ASHRAE standards. Where ever indicators deviate from permissible levels, root cause analysis is done and corrective measures undertaken to avoid injuries / illnesses. This ensures a safe workplace for the employees and align with the health and safety objective of employee wellbeing.

  • Hazard Communication: Employee connect programs conducted to bring awareness among employees on reporting of hazards, unsafe conditions and unsafe acts to help in reduction of Injury rate.

  • Emergency Response: Programs were held across locations in India on emergency response, mock evacuation drills, hazard recognition, driver safety training, first aid training, fire-fighting training etc. Vehicle based Quick Reaction Teams deployed in major locations continues to provide services to ensure safe commute and help during emergencies.

  • Women’s Safety: Security teams are trained on gender sensitization as a part of their on job training and induction. Cab pickup and drop facility with security escort is available for women employees travelling in night hours. Women of Wipro committees are formed to discuss concerns and suggestions on women’s safety. In FY 17, 1900+ women employees have undergone the Security Awareness and Self Defence sessions conducted across locations.

  • Women’s Health: Breast cancer awareness and tests were conducted across locations,; 800+ women employee’s participated during the event

  • Cafeteria Hygiene: Our 24 in-house cafeterias/ kitchens comply with the FSSAI requirements. In comparison with last two years audit reports, on an average 80 % of FSSAI requirements are implemented at our cafeterias & kitchens. Thirteen base kitchens were assessed during last year across PAN India and 25 internal audits are organized across pan India locations to check the effectiveness on the implementation of FSSAI requirements. The results of the food safety/ cafeteria meetings are showcased in management reviews as part of Health and Safety performance

  • Over 157 ,000 participants (employees, contractors and service providers) attended trainings on Health & Safety covering Occupational Health, Transportation, Hospitality, Emergency Response and Security domains.

  • Our Employee counselling and Support forum (Mitr) in India and Employee Assistance Programs in the geographies provide counselling support on issues pertaining to personal or professional life.


Taking cognizance that employee well-being and safety is an aspect which impacts at various focal points, the overall responsibility for health & safety is assumed by the HR, EHS, Audit, Risk and Compliance team.

Around 79% of our workforce works in locations across India and majority of them work from Wipro facilities. Taking this into account, we have established a core EHS team with city-wise EHS coordinators who drive compliance to standard procedures defined at a corporate level. The EHS Team along with stakeholder and service providers organize awareness programs on health and safety, thereby impacting performance on health and safety aspects.

Major locations exceeding 2000 employees have safety committees which meet quarterly and participate in risk assessments, safety inspections, incident investigations and hygiene audits. Remaining locations report work place hazards in the HSE portal and get discussed in city-wise committee meetings. Employees also record their observations on under various categories like Major/ Minor/ First-Aid / Near-misses etc. through our intranet portal. Decisions taken during these meetings are communicated along with corrective actions and target dates in order to minimize risks. These committees bring together stakeholders at various levels to promote positive occupational health & safety culture. The safety committee meetings represent 100% participation from the representative employees.

We have an integrated Risk Assessment in place of Initial Environmental Review and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment. The risk assessment is evaluated every year and also as and when the accidents / incidents / near misses are noticed. Employees, stakeholders and Service providers are part of this risk assessment.

Our internal audit team conducts checks on the effective implementation of ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 standard requirements every 6 months by involving cross functional teams. 18 locations in India are certified or ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Apart from the Internal Audits, the corporate internal audit team also conducted the audit at selected locations to check the effectiveness on the closure of the gaps identified in internal audits and the report is submitted to the senior management as part of the Management Reviews.

In addition to this, we also participate in client audits and provide information and data related to health & safety.