Engagement with Investors

Investors in Wipro are key stakeholders and must get fair returns for investing in our company. Our endeavor is to report the true and fair financial results in a timely manner and communicate the business outlook, risks and opportunities. With reliable financial results and consistent messaging of economic environment, investors are empowered to take investment decision best suited to their risk profile.

We have multiple channels of communications to keep the investors informed about various development and events. Communication through proactive disclosures in our financial statement has been the bedrock of investor engagement at Wipro.

Our senior management leaders along with our dedicated Investor Relations team participate in various forums like investor conferences and investor road shows, in addition to hosting investors who visit us. Our quarterly results, regulatory filings, transcripts of our earnings call and media presentations are available at http://www.wipro.com/investors/

Engagement Approach

The Figure below reflects the breadth of our engagement with Investors.

Details of Engagement

The following table details the different types of engagement exercise undertaken by the company in 2016-17.

Our goal is to have zero pending complaints or queries at the end of a period. The table below presents the number of complaints/ queries received and the number of queries responded to.

Identified Material Aspects

Our engagement with investors help us understand issues material to them. A report map of material issues and their coverage in this report is given below.

Material Issues Sections
Cyber Security Customer Stewardship section
Data Privacy
Information Security & Business Continuity
Intellectual Property
Service Delivery This section under ‘Financial Performance
Economic performance
Accounting for externalities
Workplace Environment and Culture Workplace Sustainability
Regulatory Compliance Organization Profile
Corporate Behavior and Governance
Anti-corruption This section under ‘Ethical Business Conduct
Anti-competitive Behavior