Scope 3 Emissions

A break-up of our Scope 3 categories (other indirect sources) reporting is provided below. Out of the 14 categories of scope 3 reporting as per the new GHG corporate value chain standard, we are presently reporting on six applicable categories.

Scope 3 Emissions Category Applicability Metric tonnes CO2e Current Reporting, Coverage within IT business
Upstream scope 3 emissions
Purchased goods and services Yes 55,588 Based on purchase ledger for 2015-16 and application of econometric input-output model for different categories and business activities
Fuel- and energy-related activities (not included in scope 1 or scope 2) Yes 103,504 Well To Tank (WTT) and Transmission and Distribution (T&D) losses globally
Upstream transportation and distribution Yes Not Reported, as not material
Waste generated in operations Yes 753 For India operations, which represents nearly 85% of footprint
Employee commuting Yes 107,980 For India operations, which represents nearly 85% of footprint
Business travel Yes 137,242 Includes air, bus, train, local conveyance and hotel stays
Upstream leased assets (Leased office space) Yes This is reported under Scope 1 & 2
Downstream scope 3 emissions No No product business, leased assets, franchisees or equity investments with environmental impact

A comparison of Scope 3 emissions for a 3 year period is provided below. This includes emissions from three primary activities which are integral to our business operations – Business Travel, Employee commute and Waste.