Highlights of Energy and GHG Emissions Related Performance

Energy Consumption: The total energy consumption, electricity and back-up diesel generated, for office spaces across all global operations in IT is 315 Million Units (India contributes to 289 Million units). Data centers in India and overseas (USA and Germany) contribute to another 85 Million units. 96.6 million units of RE was procured through PPAs (Power Purchase agreements) with private producers, out of which 76.5 is accounted for zero carbon emissions (green attribute traceable).

Breakup of consumption by source of energy is as follows.

The total non-renewable fuel consumption in 2016-17 year is 203.8 Mn Mjoules and from renewable sources (Biogas) is 0.24 Mn Mjoules. We do not have any direct consumption or sales of heating, cooling or steam energy. The total energy consumption within the organisation is 1596 Mn Mjoules. Conversion factors link

Energy Intensity: EPI for office spaces, measured in terms of energy per unit area, is 195 units per sq. meter per annum, an increase of 3% compared to the previous year. While absolute India offices energy consumption has decreased by 4% due to energy efficiency, operating area shows a sharper reduction of 6.3% as of March 2017 due to consolidation of operations. We expect the EPI metric to show an improvement in 2018 when we look at full year energy data for consolidated operations.

Absolute Emissions: The absolute India’s Scope 1 and 2 emissions for 2016-17 has decreased by 4.4% from 2,52,155 to 2,41,122 tonnes (a reduction of over 11000 tonnes). Global Scope 1 and 2 emissions for 2016-17 has decreased by 3.4%. This is primarily due to higher share of renewable energy procurement. The dashboard below provides a summary of our Global and India GHG emissions for office spaces – from Scope 1 (emission from direct energy consumption, like fuel) and Scope 2 (emissions from purchased electricity). The figures are net emissions for all years, after considering zero emissions for renewable energy procured.

Emissions Intensity: Our India office space emissions intensity (Scope 1 and Scope 2) is at 128 Kg Co2 eq. per Sq. Mt. per annum, an increase of 4.7% from last year, largely due to a decrease of 6.3% in operating area due to consolidation of operations throughout the year. However the global people based emissions intensity for office spaces is down by more than 8% to 1.34 tons per person per annum. Absolute GHG emissions reduction of 1.8% for India office operations was contributed by shift from DG electricity to grid in Chennai, energy efficiency measures and RE procurement.

Emissions Profile

The three year Absolute Emissions Profile (includes comparable scope 3 categories from previous years)

Absolute GHG Emissions: Scope 1 and 2, Split by Geo and Office / Data Centers