Organizational People Strategy

Our talent management approach is influenced by the dynamic industry landscape and is geared to deliver transformation and growth in the current and emerging business context. Our people Strategy focusses on building a culture that nurtures talent, drives strong performance & supports customer centricity. The strategy has the following core themes:

People Strategy Core Themes:

Culture transformation: The objective here is to create a culture that drives performance, enables a Digital mind set and enhances overall employee experience. Our efforts here are geared towards both on improving the demographic diversity as well as building an inclusive culture through our various Diversity & Inclusion programs. We continue to transform & simplify processes across all our functions to enhance employee experience and well-being.

Careers: The focus here is to build talent from within and also build a scalable talent supply chain model. Careers within Wipro continue to be nurtured and strengthened with our forward looking performance management process, talent mobility programs, leadership talent reviews and strong onboarding and assimilation programs for new hires to jumpstart their careers right from the beginning.

Building Capability: In the face of rapidly changing client expectations and automation, it has become imperative to invest in programs that equips the organization with futuristic skills and competencies. Anticipating and defining future needs and developing these competencies in the employees is vital to organizational sustainability. We will continue to invest in our fresher skill building programs, architect, domain, delivery transformation, sales cadre and leadership skills. Our programs are aimed at upskilling, cross-skilling, and reskilling along with building Design Thinking capability to drive ideation and innovation.

People Strategy Enablers:

Our people strategy themes are enabled by a set of processes and programs spanning the complete employee lifecycle as follow

Talent Acquisition: Wipro follows a well-established approach to hiring and onboarding. Our talent sourcing strategies include employee referrals, direct applications through the career section of our website, channel partners, job fairs, campus placements, and internal job postings. We also partner with various universities to build teams in accordance with client expectations. We are an equal opportunity employer and drive meritocracy at all stages of the hiring and on-going deployment process, including role-mapping and remuneration. In FY’17 we have seen immense progress in localization in our key markets. We have been significantly investing in US in terms of increased hiring & setting up of delivery centers. We are driving increased localization and expect to have a majority of our US workforce as local employees soon

Wipro was awarded a runners up in “Excellence in Talent Sourcing and Staffing” at SHRM India HR awards 2016.

Employee Well Being & Safety: Through our programs, we believe in influencing all aspects of an employee’s life – including physical, mental and emotional well-being. Protection of employees from injury or occupational disease is a major continuing objective. We continue to enhance safety & security at the workplace by prescribing policies & procedures, creating awareness and imparting trainings. We have institutionalized key policies like Prevention of Sexual Harassment policy and a robust grievance redressal system ( Ombuds).

Comprehensive Benefits & Rewards: We continually strive to provide our employees with competitive and innovative compensation packages. Our benefits program takes an integrated approach and provides a range of options for better financial and social security including efficient tax-management options, insurance & medical packages, assistance in managing financial and personal issues. Our programs are reviewed to ensure relevance to today’s evolving workforce and in line with the latest industry offerings, based on the region’s local regulations / laws and norms.

We continue to drive a high-performance culture through our variable pay programs. Our management compensation is now more closely aligned with organizational objectives and commitments and rewards higher performance disproportionately.

Employee Engagement & Empowerment: We believe that employees become empowered only when they are aware of the policies and processes that impact them and when they can truly participate in the consultation process. With this in view, we have institutionalized various channels that create awareness, foster dialogue, and provide opportunities for employees to give feedback. Over the years, our focus on participative engagement has increased and our programs have been more closely aligned to cater to our diverse and multi-generational workforce.

Digitization and Talent Analytics: With all the technological advances happening in our immediate environment, we continue to keep pace in embracing the digital trend and find ways to use digitization and talent analytics to drive business outcomes and bring about employee delight.

The above core Strategy themes and enablers are built on the foundation of our values and driven by globally recognized principles of business responsibility & commitment to Human Rights. Details of the same are explained below in the subsequent section.