The per employee water consumption for the reporting year is 1.119 m3 per month as compared to 1.295 in 2015-16, an improvement of around 13.5% and absolute reduction of around 152 million litres of freshwater.

We recycle 1050.7 million litres of water in 27 of our major locations (884.3 million litres in 2015-16) using Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs), which represents 38% (32% in 2015-16) of the total water consumed. The amount of recycled water as a percentage of freshwater extracted is around 61.7%. This improvement in efficiency is due to the ultra-filtration and RO projects for STP treated water we have undertaken across our large locations.

Way Forward

One of our focus areas will be to monitor, measure, manage and reduce water wastages. Re-evaluation of the water flow equation for every location, with broad inclusion of diverse treatment procedures will be deployed. We will use the logic of comparison between the total water that flows in and that flows out of the campus and account for the gaps observed. We will continue to expand the uses of treated water by further increasing the scale of UF- RO treatment for usage in non-contact purposes.