Performance Highlights

  • Revenue generated from existing customers / retained accounts is a good indicator of customer satisfaction and retention. The revenue from existing customers saw a small dip from 98.1% to 98%.
  • Net promoter Score (NPS) measures customers’ engagement with Wipro and is measured on a 10-point scale. The respondents based on their ratings are categorized as ‘promoters’, ‘detractors’ or ‘passives’. This measure is widely used across industries. Our Net Promoter Score shows a continuous improvement trend as it has increased by 740 basis points for 2016-17 as compared to the previous year.
  • Number of new customers acquired by Wipro in 2016-17 increased from 194 to 256; further, the number of active customers increased from 1223 to 1323.

Sustainability Expectations from Customers

Apart from technology driven value creation, our global customers also expect transparency and compliance on different sustainability aspects within our operations and in our extended value chain. Responses to most customer proposals and contract renewals require an extensive disclosure of our sustainability programs and performance. In many cases, customers require acceptance and alignment with their supplier code of conduct that contain several sustainability related principles. Third party supply chain CSR raters like Ecovadis and Verego regularly assess and profile our sustainability performance in their platform which is used by more than 30 Wipro customers. In the recent assessment by Ecovadis, we have achieved an overall CSR rating of Gold (highest among possible three levels). Verego has rated us “Best in Class” across all the 5 areas (Leadership, Ethics, People, Community and Environment). We also have been benchmarked against over 4000 other companies that responded to CDP’s 2017 supply chain information request sent on behalf of 89 CDP supply chain members with over US$2 trillion spend and received a disclosure score of 100.