Policy on Protection of Data Privacy

'Protecting Customer Information' is a key section of Code of Business Conduct of Wipro and communicates our stand on the protection of personal information of our employees, customers and relevant stakeholders. Wipro mandates compliance to this code through periodical certification and company -wide awareness and testing of the code every year. In addition to the section in Code of Conduct, Wipro has also defined Privacy policy and this policy is published in the website (URL: http://www.wipro.com/privacy-policy/ ). This policy communicates Wipro’s approach to protection of personal information collected electronically. There is an internal Data Protection and Privacy policy defined under Information Security Management System (ISMS) with the objective – ‘to define collection, protection and usage of personal data & company confidential information as per applicable laws and regulations’. We have also established and implemented Security Incident Management policy that covers procedures for reporting and handling policy violations & data breaches. Our policies are in compliance with globally accepted data protection principles.

Wipro’s ISMS is published on an intranet portal - ISMS which provides applicable IT security and privacy policies for different target segments (Employees, Third Party Contractors, Leadership team System Administrators and Sales teams and contains all relevant details on policies, standards, procedures and guidelines related to information security.