Prioritization of material issues

The sustainability context of each of the issues or dimensions identified was detailed so as to understand their materiality to our business and industry. Following this, a prioritization exercise was undertaken by looking at the intrinsic worth of each issue as well as its relative priority. The stakeholder’s feedback was also taken into account by incorporating their ratings for each of these dimension against four criteria of 1) Relevance to Wipro’s business operations; 2) Relevance to stakeholders; 3) Impact; and 4) Time horizon of impact.

In 2014-15, we held a formal consultation with senior leadership, employees and external sustainability experts from industry and academia, on stakeholder priorities, concerns and expectations. We also considered inputs from customers and investors. The collective outcome of the consultation process was a revised materiality matrix. Since then, we have revisited the materiality matrix/map each year, and consider any refresh that it requires, based on latest stakeholder feedback and input.