Strategic Approach to Innovation

Wipro has a two-pronged approach to innovation – external and internal. Externally, we work jointly with our customers and with various academic institutes, research organizations both from a recruitment perspective as well as from a partnership perspective.

For joint innovation with customers, Wipro has primarily four models:

Each model has specific use situations depending on the amount of investment and the nature of the innovation problems that are addressed. We also assess maturity levels of participating stakeholders while proposing these different engagement models.

Wipro understands the necessity of having a strong Open Innovation Network and invests into building, supporting and participating in various such networks and forums. The bulk of the company's Open Innovation activity is aligned to the focus themes driven by the CTO Office and the strategic areas as identified by the respective individual business units.

On the Internal Innovation side, a number of initiatives have been started that are designed on concepts of Open Innovation to inculcate a culture of innovation in people. They span the lifecycle of Idea Management from Ideation to Development. Some of them are Directed Idea Campaigns sponsored by business units (BU) which may want to crowdsource ideas around a defined Use Case or Problem Statement. Ideas coming in as part of these are further taken up by the Sponsoring Business Units or the Idea Author is given a chance to develop it wherein CTO Office supports in the form of infrastructure and mentoring. Technology training and enablement initiatives like CodeStorm enable people to learn and become proficient in new and emerging technology and languages by participating in Coding Contests and Hackathons.