The Path Ahead

Our Supply Chain Engagement is a journey where sustainability increasingly becomes central. Our focus for the next couple of years will be the following:

  • Supply Chain Audits/Assessments covering compliance and sustainability risk aspects: We have signed up an independent social compliance audit program which covers all people related and people intensive sourcing from the year 2017-18. In the first year, we plan to cover all 215 suppliers based on this sourcing grouping. On an ongoing quarterly basis, we will conduct social compliance audits for a selected sample.
  • Supplier Diversity Program for Facilities Management category: To engage diverse suppliers for sourcing specific sub-categories of products/services.
  • Green Procurement program for ICT Hardware and Electronic End of Life: To engage on key aspects with 10 strategic suppliers based on our Green Procurement Guidelines. For desktops, laptops and display equipment our guidelines are in accordance with the EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) standard from Green Electronics Council.
    • Managed Print Services: This outcome-based model helps bring operational efficiency through better controls, analytics, reduced resource consumption (paper, toner) and planned asset refresh.
  • E-Waste management: All empaneled vendors are independently verified as per Wipro e-waste management guidelines. We continue to focus on requirements of regulatory compliance, asset recovery and traceability of material.