Wipro earthian

Wipro-earthian is Wipro’s Sustainability Education Initiative which seeks to support and drive sustainability thinking and action through the learning process in schools and colleges across India. This initiative covers two inter-linked programs – the Wipro earthian Awards program and the Continuous Engagement Program (CEP) program. The Awards program aims at expanding outreach to schools across the country, especially in remote, rural areas. The participatory nature of the program encourages as many students as possible to engage with issues of sustainability in depth over a period of four months. It provides school students with exposure to multiple perspectives on biodiversity and water, and encourage college students with critical thinking on urban sustainability issues related to Water, Mobility and Waste. On the other hand, the CEP is intended to promote integrated sustainability education in schools and colleges and to co-create educational practices within institutions that eventually leads to an enhanced sustainability footprint in the learning process.

Our cumulative outreach has been more than 10,000 educational institutes via social media and other digital channels. Geographically, our reach is in 27 states and 2 Union Territories. We continue to offer the program in five languages (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and English) for schools and our total submissions for FY 2016-17 was more than 1300 from Schools and Colleges.. Nine college and twelve school teams were selected as winners for 2016 by an independent jury and felicitated by Mr. Azim Premji at the annual Wipro-earthian awards.

Program Outputs and Outcomes

Outputs Outcome
Awards Program
  • Partnered with CEE and CPREEC and state govts for mass school outreach and teacher orientation workshops across India.
  • Program translation to 5 regional languages
  • 51 workshops conducted for schools across 27 states through our partners.
  • 2478 teachers from 2124 schools attended the workshops.
  • 9 colleges and 12 schools selected as winners.
  • More than 1200 submissions from schools all over India. Entries received after rigorous, year on year activities with schools, through partners.
  • Participation from 170 + colleges across India
Continuous Engagement Program (CEP)

2 Field experiential workshops organized for winning schools

  • 3 day Sahyadri Biocultural camp with participation from 4 schools, represented by 5 teachers and 12 students
  • 3 day Yelagiri experiential workshop with participation from 3 schools, represented by 3 teachers and 9 students

Sustainability Learning Corners set up for winning schools

  • 11 Wipro earthian ‘Sustainability Learning corners’ set up in 11 schools across India with a diverse collection of Audio, video and print mediums on the theme of sustainability
  • The field experiential workshops helped teachers and students understand human-nature and other interconnections across water, biodiversity, agriculture, climate change etc. better.
  • Positive feedback from schools on sustainability learning corners indicate that it serves an effective long term repository on sustainability issues, that most of these schools would otherwise have limited or no access to.

Sustainability Internships

  • 7 students from 3 winning colleges completed internships with our partners organizations- TRUCOST, BIOME, CSTEP, WRI

Wipro earthian Sustainability Quiz

  • Completed 4 Wipro earthian sustainability quizzes at IITB, IIML, IIMB and BITS Goa with a total participation from 360 teams and 720 students

Collaboration with Xavier University Bhubaneshwar

  • Wipro sponsored best paper award at the Xavier University Bhubaneshwar 2016 sustainability leadership summit in August
  • STAR workshop facilitated at NLU Bhubaneshwar with participation from 10 regional institutes
  • 4 students completed a 1 month Sustainability Discovery program with our NGO partners

Western Region Symposium

  • The first Western region sustainability symposium for educators participation from 35 faculty from multi-disciplines. This was hosted in collaboration with IIM Ahmedabad, CEPT University, CTARA (IIT Mumbai) and NID Ahmedabad

IIMB Sustainability Fellowship

  • Wipro has funded a Sustainability Fellowship for up to 2 students at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB)
  • Over the years, College sustainability Internships have exposed students from various backgrounds to interesting paradigms, schools of thought, innovations and specializations in the sustainability arena. The feedback from both our partners and students have indicated that the experience has been unique and valuable.
  • The Wipro earthian sustainability quizzes have gained tremendous momentum and have become a standard feature in many top college festivals. It has not only served as good mass learning tool for sustainability issues, but also drive Wipro’s brand position as a thought leader in sustainability for higher education audiences.
  • Individual initiatives with IIM Ahmedabad and CEPT. Through our support, both institutes are in the process of developing discipline specific compendiums of case studies and other pedagogic tools to be used in the classroom.